Chrismas Beer Festival Kerstbierfestival


OBER - Objectieve Bierproevers Essense Regio
 Zythos - Confederatie van Bierproevers
last updated :
31 July 2015

OBER Staff

The Christmas beer festival is an organization by 

Objectieve Bierproevers Essense Regio)

Who are we?

O.B.E.R. stands for: Objective Beer-tasters of the Essen Region. O.B.E.R. is a foundation of beer-lovers and one of the more than 20 local clubs of the Belgian confederation of beer-tasters Zythos vzw

Our club was founded in 1993 because we care about our fantastic Belgium beer culture. It appears that most Belgians are no longer aware of their own great beer culture and they only drink beer of the better-known lager brands, while the strength of our beer culture is the huge range of beers, which we can find at more than a hundred breweries we can boast of. Our aim is to ensure that the small breweries do not disappear. This would mean a loss of our traditional and artisan beer culture. To stimulate the diversity in beer styles and tastes we organize, besides the Christmas Beer Festival, several tasting sessions, trips to breweries and beer festivals.

Further information on O.B.E.R., our activities and membership you can find at